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Revenue Share

Rev Share

I could go on and on about Revenue Share. In the video at the very bottom, it is explained in detail how the levels work. It's simply the most dynamic and generous model in our industry. I like to refer to eXp Realty revenue share model as a perpetual referral. When you introduce an agent to eXp Realty that brings revenue to the company you benefit. When you introduce an agent to eXp Realty that also introduces an agent to the company you BOTH benefit. Why shouldn't you? By being in the Cloud, eXp Realty saves a ton of money that would otherwise be wasted on Brick and Mortar. It's that simple and it goes potentially 7 levels deep without making your cost of doing business high. In fact, it's cheaper than most any model out there, especially if you consider ALL the benefits you get from being an agent owner at eXp Realty.

My Personal Example - Amazing what has happened!

If you are a modestly producing agent, it shouldn't be hard to figure out what EXP offers you even if you don't care about attracting agents. If you are a solid producer and have a reasonable sphere of influence this is basic math.

Multiple revenue streams help realtors potentially stabilize their lives. Multiple revenue streams help protect agents from sickness, injuries or cushions them from crashes or market fluctuations. The EXP model is a model for ALL times both good and bad.

 The crazy part is that my Keller Williams Profit Share check that month was $630... So after being at Keller for many years and owning franchises and building the company my eXp revenue share check exceeded it in my 4th month here... WOW! And all I did was help 3 agents find the company.

 The crazier part is that in my 8th month the company payed me about 4,000 dollars.  I had helped 5 agents find the company.

Bottom line - eXp will pay me more in rev-share this year than I will pay in commission to the company, making it a true 100% plus.

LOOK AT IT THIS WAY. If you have earned a residual annual income of $50,000 after 5 years at eXp Realty, that is the equivalent of having $500,000 in the bank earning 10% interest a year in terms of paying your monthly expenses. Understand? It can be an exit strategy down the road. It doesn't mean you quit selling homes! Have you brought agents to your team, given them your leads and mentored these agents to become successful independent Realtors? Now, this can be your goal, not your anxiety!

When I talk to agents about eXp Realty, you immediately know my excitement but not only for what it can offer me by you joining this amazing company but ALSO what it can do for you! Shoot me an email at or call/text me at 479-365-0660 and I'll buy you a cup of coffee or meet you in the eXp World campus.