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Stock Ownership

How would you like to be an equity partner in your real estate company the moment right after your first transaction? Or once you cap? Or maybe you sponsored an agent and have earned shares? There are 6 ways to accumulate stocks at eXp Realty. Does your brokerage offer you OWNERSHIP? Symbol is EXPI

Here are the 6 ways...

  1. Your first transaction each year. (see chart below)
  2. When you reach your full Cap each year of $16,000. (see chart below)
  3. When you sponsor a qualifying agent. (see chart below)
  4. Purchase stock at a 20% discount using 5% of net commission on each transaction. (optional)
  5. Icon agents receive $16,000 back in stock. (see details in Icon Agent)
  6. Purchase stock outright. Talk to your financial adviser. ( EXPI ) is publically traded on the NASDAQ

If you should be interested in EXPI stock please get professional input from a licenced stock broker.