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Important Questions are Answered Here:

  • What are EXPs Core Values as a company?
  • What is the commission split?
  • What does cloud brokerage mean?
  • What kind of training is available to grow my career? Aka Will I sell more houses?
  • Is it true that agents have ownership in the company?
  • What lead generation systems are top producers using and what do they cost?
  • What kind of tools and stuff does EXP have?
  • Do you have a local office?
  • I heard the company shares the revenues with the agents?

Also - Video Interviews and a detailed explanation of Commissions - Earned Stock Shares and Revenue Share at the very bottom!

These Videos are from ICON Agents!

Mike and Renee Fredrick - Sacremento With the company less than 1 year - earned icon status and got their $16k CAP back in company stock!
Kristen Sumpter - Bella Vista Icon Agent Success Story - After she paid her CAP of $16k she got her CAP back as $16k in company stock.

*** These Videos are from agents that have had amazing success with the free lead generation systems! ***

Jeff and Amanda Whitespear - Houston 200 Transactions Last Year. Thinks they will do 250 this year. Were paying $25k - $30k per year in lead generation - They now get the same system from the company for free.

***These Videos are from agents that have had amazing success with earning revenue share and company awarded stock!***

Brent Gove - Sacramento 100 million in annual volume $70,000 in awarded company stock this year - Team of 22
Scott and Tracy Lewis - San Antonio After 2 years is receiving $500k Passive from Revenue Share
Jeff and Marsee Wilhelm - Phoenix Do about 500 Transactions per year and a mid 6 figure revenue share
Shelia - North Dallas Managed 12 offices for another company before coming over. Does over 100 transactions per year and gets more than 25k per month in Revenue Share
Christina Smallhorn - Baton Rouge She is on fire for this company and all it has to offer all agents at any experience level
Wilco Ravestijn - Dallas In his first year in real estate generated a 10k+ Revenue Share Monthly

Top KW Agents tell why they changed to EXP!

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