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Build a loyal and long-lasting team with eXp. Strengthen agent retention with residual income and be less concerned about creating future competitors.


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Grow your brand while taking more money home. Are you part of a husband-wife Real Estate team? One Low Cap. Working with a team? One Low Cap. Become part of the "easy to get to a true 100%+" model like eXp agents do every day.

Build Your Brand
You've worked hard to establish your brand. Keep it and build it! Get all the benefits of leveraging a great support team with no cost. Find out ways to enhance your brand further with real-time experts today.

Multiple Revenue Streams
Leverage your brand across all of your lead opportunities. Buyers know your brand. Sellers know your brand. Agents know your brand. Why not earn income from all three? eXp agents do it every day. eXp Realty has the most aggressive revenue sharing program in the industry.

Approval of your signs is quick and painless. Of course, each state regulates how much personal branding you can do.

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